Your Search for a Great Fragrance Ends Here.

Our team is dedicated to creating original fragrances and exploring new ways for our members to find the formulas that speak to them.

Fragrance is personal.

The part of our brain that detects smells is also responsible for emotions and memory. This is why familiar scents remind us of experiences we’ve had in the past. The unique smells we love are actually related to happy moments we have had! This is why scent is so personal and why it has the potential to influence our mood and well-being.

Artful Formulas
We design our fragrances in-house with perfumers from all over the world. Inspiration for our fragrances come from all over – from botanicals to cuisine to fashion, design and architecture. We listen to all of our senses, and our feelings, to inform our work.

Feeling Fragrance

We believe that fragrance has the power to impact and deepen any moment of our lives – coloring our memories, adding an extra dimension to any situation. We offer a way to be very precise about how that dimension is expressed at an individual level.

Our Cause

We give 1.5% of all our sales to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, because aromatherapy has been long used in many cultures as a treatment for depression. Their goal is to identify causes, improve treatments, and one day prevent and cure mental illness.

We've been best friends since studying engineering in college. When we graduated we decided that we needed to smell better and buy a fragrance. We stepped into the department store and we were overwhelmed by the wall of scent, the number of options and the pushy sales staff. Even worse, the scents all smelled the same except they were endorsed by different absurd-looking, scantily-clad celebrities. We walked out and thought "there must be a better way".