Amber Jobin

Independent perfumer Amber Jobin Bio For Scent Trunk Original Edition, Aquinone

About Amber

Amber Jobin is an award winning indie perfumer and founder of AETHER ARTS PERFUME. She began her formal study of perfumery in 2009 with Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes. She considers herself a conceptual perfumer who creates wearable art. “Perfume as an interpersonal art form is my passion; I create art in air”. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, her aroma art expressions encompass such diverse themes as: Avant-Garde, Burning Man, Cannabis, Technology, Science, Outer Space, Ozone/Marine, and Vintage scents. Her cargo-cult-inspired perfume John Frum won the Artisan Art and Olfaction Award in 2014. Additionally, three of her perfumes were finalist in the Artisan Art and Olfaction Awards: Love for 3 Oranges 2016, Saffron 2017, and Touchstone 2018. As well as artisan perfumes, Aether Arts Perfumes offers bespoke perfumes, perfume parties, fragrance design consultations, and private instruction in perfumery. She has also worked collaboratively with other artists to create scented art installations and scented concert spaces.



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