Rachel Latimer

NAME: Rachel Latimer
STATUS: Scent Specialist & Resident Curator for Scent Trunk
OCCUPATION:  Fragrance Consultant & Instructor at Perfumer’s Apprentice, and owner of Dane Fragrance.
FAVORITE MATERIALS: Sylvamber, Aquaflora, Honeybush CO2 Extract, most Moss and Rose ingredients

IN HER OWN WORDS: I purchased an Indie fragrance in SF in the fall of 2018. As a new fragrance to my senses, it hadn't formed any memories or associations yet. Invited to an early Halloween gathering, I dressed in jewels and fur and adorned my pulse points with my new fragrance. I couldn't find the darn entrance to the event and wound up walking through a backdoor garage. A little disoriented, I opened the door and immediately my eyes were greeted with Love at first sight. Take my breath away - swear I’ve met him in another life - am I drooling? He was sitting facing me, eyes locked and huge smile.

Now, fast forward to present day drool expert (LOL) I keep the fragrance on my vanity and whenever I wear it or just pick it up to smell... I am transported to the backdoor of a garage entrance, staring at my, now, other half. This fragrance holds memories and will forever be associated to the day I fell in love.

Rachel is a fragrance instructor and consultant at Perfumer’s Apprentice. She works with students one-on-one in their workshops, helping them flourish in their fragrance endeavors. Patience and experimentation is her virtue. She LOVES what she does.
With consulting, she works with at-home perfumers, hotels and opera houses who are all trying to express a concept or emotion through scent and supports them in their knowledge and submergence into the behind-the-scenes aspect of product development.

NOTES:  When Rachel’s not at work, she’s always on the road - literally! Be it on a bicycle, motorcycle, or custom off-road utility van - she’s always cruising to see or do something she hasn’t done before. She’s a 10-year Burning Man veteran.