Anjali Vandemark

About Anjali Vandemark

Anjali was born and raised in India and brings a touch of her Indian heritage
to her creations.
Anjali’s childhood was filled with an abundance of fragrant tropical flowers.
From a very young age she was surrounded by precious attars, the choicest
of incense, resins, and aromatic spices. One of her fondest memories is
grinding a block of Mysore Sandalwood. The scent would linger for hours.
She developed a keen nose for scents and a deep connection with fragrances
very early on.

Anjali is a self-taught perfumer and has spent several years exploring and
studying perfumery. She sources materials from the best suppliers around
the world and chooses the finest oils and essences. In a true artisan
tradition, Anjali handcrafts all her perfumes. She compounds them and
allows them to age before bottling them herself.
She designs each perfume with a unique inspiration and story.
Anjali’s vision is to create perfumes that are infused with her cultural
heritage, perfumes that are the essence of beauty and ancient art.

 Anjali Perfumes is an independent, artisanal perfumery located on Bainbridge
Island, WA. All perfumes are handcrafted by the founder and perfumer, Anjali