Our community of perfumers represents a broad and diverse talent base from various regions in the world. We strive to showcase diverse perspectives from our fragrance industry, this includes cultural heterogeneity and industry experience. We love working with those who are self-taught as much as academically trained, the bootstrapping entrepreneur or the corporate perfumer. Each year, we also choose artists who are unconventional noses, whether they’re chefs, writers or musicians who demonstrate an exceptional creative streak.

Original Editions

Loreto Remsing

MAR 2021

Chavalia Mwamba

FEB 2021

Vanessa Lopez

JAN 2021

Dana El Masri

DEC 2020

Maya Njie

NOV 2020

Josh Smith

OCT 2020

Shabnam Tavakol

SEP 2020

Mason Hainey

AUG 2020


JUL 2020

Juan M. Pérez

JUN 2020

Catherine Haley Epstein

MAY 2020

Dannielle Sergent

APR 2020

Heather D'Angelo

MAR 2020

Spyros Drosopoulos

FEB 2020

Miss Layla

JAN 2020

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

DEC 2019

Tyler Monk

NOV 2019

Discovery Palette

Sarah McCartney

4160 Tuesdays

Indie Spotlight

Nick Yeast

Nick Ricardo

Sarah Horowitz-Thran

Sarah Horowitz Perfumes

Josh Meyer

Imaginary Authors

Bruno Fazzolari

Fzotic Perfumes