Ezra-Lloyd Jackson

About Ezra Lloyd Jackson

Ezra, who is from a mixed English and Jamaican background with roots firmly planted in his south-east London upbringing, is building his own fragrance experiences. His driving force is to always make social commentary using the diasporic mist of perfume to reset the hierarchical fragrance pyramid, whilst unlocking unexpected olfactive memories, turning what may be considered boring into bliss. He describes notes of violet, patchouli, and vetiver as instruments which he uses to create a record (perfume) where one missing code (coding being part of his educational background) could make the smallest difference. His unique take on lavender for example, “Lavender grows a lot in south-east and I’ve built a strong memory or association to that. I’ve remixed lavender from being this British associated thing to a London thing. Everything that comes with London with its multiculturalism that is now what lavender is to me… but also things that remind me of brown skin, vetiver has that affect for me, which is beyond an intellectual thing to me and is instinctive”. Truly a wiz, he has crafted his talent at the respected perfume company Olfiction since 2018, growing from lab operator to fragrance assistant, and now creating his own fragrance, a perfume called Trackside Buddleia.