Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk showcases the Art of Perfumery. We offer a space for exploration and discovery, to find what delights and surprises you as well as deepen your knowledge and education. Whether you are an individual who wants to find that one signature scent, or an adventurous soul who wants a new scent each season, at Scent Trunk, we want to help you develop your own personal collection of fragrances that suit your fancy.

We believe that the modern collector is open to experimenting with scents that are unbound by traditional constructs. All Scent Trunk fragrances are inspired by the contemporary zeitgeist in art & culture, fashion & beauty, and food & travel. The annual Scent Trunk editorial calendar is mapped out and in alignment with yearly trend forecasts from pop-culture while beating to our own drum and giving our artists the liberty to be free and expressive.

An olfactive council consists of Scent Trunk’s resident curators and guest editors who determine an annual meta framework with seasonal palettes and monthly editions.

We partner with talented artists to bring their creative vision to life - whether they are professional perfumers working with a natural palette or mixed media. We even work with artists whose primary medium isn’t necessarily fragrance, like musicians, painters, and digital artists.

Each of the categories and works of scent art are offered through the online boutique, à la carte or by membership programs, annual, seasonal or monthly. The more you collect, the more tokens you receive, the more benefits you reap.


Scent Trunk was founded in 2015 by two college friends from Toronto: William Yin & Richard Smale, who wanted to experience bespoke perfumery in a democratized fashion. In 2018, Perfumer's Apprentice acquired Scent Trunk to leverage their superior manufacturing and vast network of perfumers to grow the brand worldwide in sync with the original founders' vision. Scent Trunk continues to evolve and bring unique concepts to a global audience of fragrance lovers and fumeheads.

We loved the personalized perfume concept (scents created by British perfumer, Sarah McCartney from 4160 Tuesdays), but we found that our customers wanted more transparency and choice. The original offerings of scent trunk were rebranded and are still available as our 'DIY BESPOKE' line along with the DISCOVERY PALETTE (originally called the 'Fit Kit') to deliver a modern online fragrance experience.