Original Editions

Original Editions

ORIGINAL EDITION collections feature collaborations with perfumers who are given a fragrance brief for their commissions inspired by our Scent Trunk annual theme, seasonal focus ingredients, geographic provenance of the highlighted material, and color palette. We invite you to Travel Through Your Senses and discover new fragrances and experience fragrances created by renowned perfumers whose work we admire.

In 2019, we launched with a small Capsule Collection, with Tyler Monk’s Pennyroyal being a finalist in the IAO Awards.

In 2020, we pioneered a new way to travel the world of perfumery with our Supernatural Future theme. Each perfumer was invited to create a scent through the mindset of time travel.

Our Botanical Machinist Collection explores a world where plant intelligence is concurrent with technology and Artificial Intelligence, more specifically an alternate universe where the dominant language is scent. Join our membership club to be the first to know when new products drop and when future themes are released.

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