Truffle Original Edition Scent Trunk
Truffle Original Edition Scent Trunk
Truffle Original Edition Scent Trunk


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Miss Layla

Ingredient Focus: 

Truffle (Tuber melanosporum)


Kaikoura, New Zealand


Black Currant, Raspberry, Pluot, Grape Leaves, Truffle, Cognac, Wild Herbs, Bracken, Moss, Black Olive, Oak, Cork, Roots, Seaweed, Leather, Ambergris

Supernatural Future as an inspiration for me, took shape in creating a “new world” wine inspired perfume. It highlights the aspects about New Zealand’s terrior that are futuristic and under development. What does that mean, exactly? Simply put, New Zealand is a New World territory for culinary treasures- namely wine and truffles. The terroir is a chrysalis; ripe with possibility and evolution. Upon research for this perfume, I found that Truffle spores didn’t even reach New Zealand until 1987 and vineyard cultivation was just barely preceding by about a decade. As a perfume, it was only natural for me to pair the decadence of Truffle with full bodied wine notes. The end result? A verdant, dark fruit fragrance laden with brambly vineyard roses, truffle, roots, moss, mineral rich soil, sea brine and ambergris.

“Truffle is a challenging accord to accomplish because every kind of truffle has it’s own aromatic/taste profile. I did numerous mods with various materials. Each time the truffle accord took different positions in the perfume- sometimes it arranged itself as a top note, other times as a middle note and sometimes sinking down to the base or hiding itself altogether in the woods. Just a whisper of truffle goes a long way. Adding too much was easy and produced undesirable results. I like how truffle is animalic, skanky and gritty- my kind of secret note that makes my amp go to eleven.”

-Miss Layla


Released January 2020 as part of the Supernatural Future Collection

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