Black Hemlock Original Edition Scent Trunk
Black Hemlock Original Edition Scent Trunk
Black Hemlock Original Edition Scent Trunk

Black Hemlock

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Joshua Smith


Black Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)


Boreal Forest, Canada


Bergamot, Dark Woods, Forest Leather, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Spices and Resins, White Musk, Black Hemlock Absolute.

Have you ever been to the wild unknown? Dense, dark, mysterious. The scent of the primal forest, inhabited by animals in their habitat, where humans are the interlopers. To be unseen, you have to be unsmelled. October 2020 disguises your city scent, mimics the sap you brush against, and softens your aura from being obvious. Stop. Exhale slowly. Inhale silently.


“Black Hemlock is dark, foggy & leathery. Its aroma elicits the darkest parts of the forest, hiding in the background. I was inspired to tread into these dark woods where humans rarely tread. I wanted to create a forest leather — made of the branches and needles and beasts that live within by creating an accord of smokey birch tar, cade with castoreum to educe animal fur and wildness, with a woody accord of red pine and juniper. The perfume is a mask to wear to blend into these dark woods. It is a talisman to protect us in these wild places that we once knew.”
—Josh Smith


Released October 2020 as part of the Supernatural Future Collection

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