Sydney Buffman

About Sydney

Sydney Buffman is a multidisciplinary artist in Los Angeles, California. She has a background in art direction/design, perfumery, incense making, and herbalism. She started SYD Botanica in 2015 making handmade incense.

Sydney has worked on perfumery commissions for design institutions such as the Stanford d. School and CodaWorx. She is also a founding member of the Coalition of Sustainable Perfumery (COSP). Her creative work is heavily influenced by psychology, science, spirituality, and play. She believes that perfumers are astronauts of the subconscious.

With her husband Eric Reckwerdt, Sydney is also a sonic explorer in a music project All Frogs Glow. Together, they compose songs with analog synthesizers based on their mutual love of natural phenomenon and unusual creatures.

Our five senses define the very edges of human consciousness and experience. Of all our senses, smell has the most direct pathway to the brain and can tap into deep emotion and memory. Like poetry, fragrance can transport you to another time and place in an instant. Through scent you can change your reality.

SYD is a fragrance project that explores these transformative effects of scent on the mind and body. We view this as a realm in which to play. Our scents invoke imaginary worlds, both strange and familiar.


part of the Botanical Machinist Collection