Vanessa Lopez

About Vanessa

Vanessa Lopez, Perfumer at Flavor & Fragrance Specialties (FFS) is a travel enthusiast who holds a bachelor's degree of science in biology, explores the concept of transforming science into enticing fragrances that capture and convey beauty. With her technical background in analytical chemistry, and her passion for perfumery, Vanessa devotes herself to formulating creations inspired by her desire to impact lives and touch people’s hearts by way of her works. By applying her artistic touch to her fragrances, she stimulates the senses and dives into the exquisite, subjective memories of her users through scent.

About FFS: Flavor & Fragrance Specialties was established in 1983, and is an industry leader in fragrance enhancements for leading brands in the personal and home care markets. Our fragrances transform everyday moments into enjoyable, aromatic experiences. Utilizing consumer insights we identify trends and opportunities in personal care and home care and approach them with advanced technology, sensory evaluation and frequent innovation. Our perfumers, application experts and marketing specialists collaborate to connect with consumers through personal fragrance experiences.
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