Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

About Dawn

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a true underground force in niche / artisan perfumery, and olfactory artform. DSH, as she is called by her devoted following, has been working with aromatics for over 25 years and is a pioneer of the American indie perfumery movement. She has developed many innovative concept perfumes and worked with top designers to consult and create exclusive perfumes.
Beginning her career as a painter, Dawn came to perfumery in 1991. As a synesthete, DSH developed her talent for creating perfumes based on fine art principles, incorporating a sense of color, line, texture, and space to her designs, and since the early nineties, has been developing innovative lines of ready-to-wear artisan perfumes under her own label, DSH Perfumes and her Japanese collaborative label, DAWN Perfumes.
As an olfactory artist DSH has had multiple one-person and group shows of her multi-sensory art (paintings and aromas), often collaborates with art institutions such as Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Dairy Center for the Arts, and Denver Art Museum, and has been a multi Art & Olfaction award finalist, as well as winning an Independent category Art & Olfaction award in 2019.
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