Juan M. Pérez

About Juan

I’m lover of plants and nature. Since very early in my childhood, fragrance has been one of my special interests. I was obsessed with the scents flowers, fruits and herbs and loved to compare them to the synthetic versions available in household cleaning products, air fresheners and candles. I started reading a lot about aromatic constituents of plants and that’s when my interest in perfumery began and after many years of self-learning and a lot of practice I became an artisan perfumer. Most of my inspiration is taken from my tropical surroundings, the wonderful smells of the island flora and the beauty of the tropics. I’m also inspired by history and natural fragrant ingredients. My professional studies are in plant sciences and horticulture, but I’ve been dedicating full-time to my local fragrant bath and body product business for about 15 years. I launched my first group of perfumes under The Exotic Island Perfumer line in 2012 and created perfumes for houses like EnVoyage Perfumes, Zoologist and Renier Perfumes.