Loreto Remsing

About Loreto

Loreto Remsing, a self-taught perfumer, owns two artisan perfume brands: LAROMATICA (mixed-media) and LARŌ (all-natural). The daughter of Chilean political refugees, she was raised in Northern California and studied graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Loreto grew up in the Central Valley and Monterey Bay, exploring farms, tide pools, chaparral hills, and forests. She discovered aromatherapy and herbalism at age 20, concocting formulas for health and well-being before discovering her materials could be used for fragrance crafting. She dove head-first into the world of perfume, devouring books and collecting rare and precious oils. After starting her career as a graphic designer, Loreto switched gears and decided to pursue perfumery full time. Her Animus perfume won a silver award from The Artisan Fragrance Awards in 2015. Loreto is a lover of plants, nature, crafts, music and all things psychedelic.

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