Miss Layla

About Layla

Miss Layla is a cook/foodie turned Perfumer. Her fragrance and olfactive endeavors began as a small child when she learned how to cook and “taste shapes”. She didn’t realize it at the time, but later came to know that she had synesthesia, which she could harness to her advantage when creating fragrance formulas. Her sense of smell is inherently tied to her passion for tasting food and culinary arts.


fūm is a purveyor of handcrafted and bespoke fragrances. Our perfume studio is based in Los Angeles, California. Each fragrance is hand blended and bottled to order using the highest quality aromatic materials. At fūm we believe scent is identity. Scent bonds individuals and connects communities. fūm invites you to re-connect with your senses, live in the moment, and discover the ineffable world of scent.
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