Dannielle Sergent

About Dannielle

Dannielle Sergent is an artist: olfactive (perfumer), visual (painter) and environmental (architect). Her passion for fragrance, and the desire to blend old-world craftsmanship with a modern-day sensibility provided the inspiration for her creative foray into the world of scent. Unlike some who set out to capture the essence of a particular memory or place, Dannielle lets intuition guide her creative process and has become known for unique ingredient pairings and innovative use of materials. Her Italian family always made fun of her small nose but it has proven to be quite special.
Launched in 2010, COGNOSCENTI is an award winning global artisanal fragrance house for "those who know" there must be another option in fragrance. COGNOSCENTI fragrances are hand made in small batches using fine ingredients from local sources and exotic lands. The scents are unique and modern, yet classically constructed. We use a high percentage of naturals, blended with care, to produce fragrances that can be worn by everyone and appreciated by the cognoscenti.
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