Spyros Drosopoulos

About Spyros

Born in the Netherlands, raised in Greece and educated in Germany, Spyros Drosopoulos has an unusual background for a perfumer. Aside from being one of the very few self-taught perfumers in the world, he also happens to be a former academic with a doctorate in neuroscience.
Spyros has always been fascinated by all things sensory and, for him, taking an introductory perfume-making class back in 2009 proved to be a life-changing experience. It prompted him to leave the comfortable cocoon of academia, quit his teaching job at the University of Amsterdam and dedicate all of his time and energy to studying perfumery. After several years of intensively studying and experimenting with hundreds of perfume materials, Spyros released his first creations onto the market and founded BARUTI.
Aside from BARUTI, Spyros now also works on several other fascinating fragrance projects. Among them are: Scentronix — a start-up focused on developing personalized fragrances with the help of AI, The Red List Project — an initiative dedicated to conserving endangered plant species through preserving their scent, and Delush — a Dutch tech start-up focused on enhancing everyday environments with the help of fragrance.
Learn more about Spyros at BARUTI.