Josh Smith

About Josh

Joshua Smith is a self taught indie perfumer hailing from the Canadian prairies. His path took him through both forestry and design before he landed in the world of fragrance, starting his own line, Libertine Fragrance in 2015. The line was started mid way through his design degree as a vehicle to explore the relationships & narratives people form with materials and the senses as they traverse through the world. The choice to start a perfume line was not an apparent one as he himself did not have a deep relationship with perfume or the brands that he had encountered when he began learning the art of perfume making. Rather than a deep appreciation of existing perfumes Libertine was started because of a deep appreciation of scent and the aromatic materials themselves. Much of design is focussed on the visual and tactile senses and it seemed as though there was room to explore the connections relationships with the less utilized senses. Since Libertine’s inception Joshua has been translating the connections, narratives & memories embedded in our cultures, artworks and our environments into small scented offerings for people to enjoy and explore.
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