Yosh Han

NAME: Yoshiko Han
KNOWN ALIASES: YOSH, Antennae, Spiritual Engineer
STATUS: Creative Director & Managing Editor
OCCUPATION: Perfumer, Flavorist, Clairvoyant Reader
FAVORITE MATERIALS: Anything tropical and spicy.

IN HER OWN WORDS: I kind of fell into the world of perfumery. I was living in Aspen after college and was wandering around town and found myself drawn to a boutique with lots of glass bottles on the wall. I told the owner of the Fragrance Bar, “I’m supposed to be here, this is my new home, this is what the Voices told me.” The owner, a hippie named Harpo smiled and agreed, “okay, let’s see what you’re gonna do.” Within a week of working there, Yosh became one of the managers and created signature scents for the rich and famous who were spending the winters in America’s glitziest ski resort.. The rest is scented history.

FAVORITE PERFUMERY EXPERIENCE: She recently completed a two-month-long art installation in Long Beach, for The Art of Bloom, an art X technology exhibition where her ambient aroma, Symbiosis permeated the theater and was also produced as a 100ML aura spray, room candle and also re-imagined and reinterpreted into a seven-course tasting menu for the Hearts and Flowers Scent(sory) dinner with James Beard Rising Star, chef Erik-Bruner Yang. During that time, she also curated and taught 3 fragrance and intuition workshops.

NOTES: Yosh Han is the founder of YOSH olfactory sense. She is a nose, super taster, level 1 Sommelier and former tasting judge for the International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco. While she loves to teach and speak about these subjects, she enjoys creative collaborations with other artists in these fields. She is currently a Creative in Residence at The Battery in San Francisco.
As an entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the Flavor and Fragrance industry, Yosh serves on the Advisory Board for other beauty and beverage brands. Her eponymous collection of fragrances has retailed globally in haute parfumeries like Barneys New York, Liberty London, and Anthropologie. Other clients include IDEO, CIA Napa, Four Seasons HK, Campari, SF Opera and others. Her fragrance, König, won the Independent Fragrance award from the Institute of Art and Olfaction in 2014.
She currently resides where the wind takes her.