Indie Perfumers take us on a new olfactory journey every month

"What happens when an eclectic group of fragrance industry professionals come together to create an alternative for the modern fragrance enthusiast? Scent Trunk arose with the goal of offering a unique olfactory experience in a direct-to-consumer approach. With a launch calendar inspired by pop culture, art, trends and travel, Scent Trunk’s Fragrance Council searches for under the radar, indie perfumers to commission a new fragrance every month and season."


The 7 Best Perfume Subscription Boxes of 2020

Most Personalized: Scent Trunk
"Unlike other fragrance subscription boxes that require you to fill out your preferences from the start, Scent Trunk helps you discover them from the get-go."



Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

"I thoroughly enjoyed all six samples I was sent. It reinforces my belief that independent perfumers are the best choice for a monthly service. When given a truly blank canvas to create upon these perfumers all stepped up to their own vision. It is why this does seem like a perfumer’s paradise where creativity is ascendant."

— Mark Behnke, Colognoisseur


A Feature on our May 2020 Original Edition perfumer, Catherine Haley Epstein





Notetaking published an in-depth podcast review of our Saffron fragrance by Shabnam Tavakol.