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If you want that messy, sexy, and sweet smell of falling in love, wear this. This scent exudes cinematic charm and bright lights with a tender heart that screams a silent joy when that crush reciprocates infatuation. Heartthrob is playful, confident, sultry, and animalistic but can still fit right in with the family. 

Top Notes: Green citrus leaves, Hedione
Middle Notes: Jasmine Blossoms,
Base Notes: Civettone, Resins, White Amber


Heartthrob is a fragrance 'Lens' from our LENSES collaboration with Brent Leonesio (founder/perfumer of Smell Bent). LENSES reconceptualizes perfume rituals by taking the art of scent layering to a fresh, authentic, and intentional destination. Much like your favorite social media filter, each LENS adds a dash of panache to your everyday scent persona. Spritz 1-2 times over your SOTD when you're craving a new twist, feeling extra, or just wear one on its own!

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