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Sparkling and luminous, Moonstone shimmers and morphs in a tiny galaxy like the inside of it's namesake gem. One moment the scent smells pearlescent and holographic and the next moment you get hints of sparkling diamonds wafting in your nose. Moonstone captures a metallic sheen and marries sharp edges with round softness all while smelling clean and grounded with hints of glittering spice.

Top: Iso E Super,
Middle: Fresh laundry
Base: Ginger, Vetiver, Copaiba Balsam


Moonstone is a fragrance 'Lens' from our LENSES collaboration with Brent Leonesio (founder/perfumer of Smell Bent). LENSES reconceptualizes perfume rituals by taking the art of scent layering to a fresh, authentic, and intentional destination. Much like your favorite social media filter, each LENS adds a dash of panache to your everyday scent persona. Spritz 1-2 times over your SOTD when you're craving a new twist, feeling extra, or just wear one on its own!

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