Simmer Dim Original Edition Scent Trunk
Simmer Dim Original Edition Scent Trunk
Simmer Dim Original Edition Scent Trunk

Simmer Dim

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Clara Weale


Largs, Scotland


Bright cliffside Gorse (Neroli, Hedione HC, Milky Lactones)
Sunset tones (Ambergris, Dry Woods, Beeswax Absolute)
Cool sea air on bare skin (Ozone, Musk)

Opening with the vibrant scent of Gorse, prickly and lactonic, this botanical brightness gives way to fresh sea air, the setting sun on bare skin, and a twilight that glimmers in a seamless gradient of subdued sunset tones. This fragrance captures the cool evening air lifting the scents of a day spent amidst the glittering rock pools and sandy shores of the Scottish coast.

"With Simmer Dim, I set out to capture a sense of nostalgia for long days in the height of summer, and the magical evening light when the sun barely dips beyond the horizon. I worked intuitively, layering abstract textural materials to evoke the gradient skies, with their otherworldly hues of pink and orange. Familiar sensations and tactile childhood memories arose - of warm brick under bare feet, melted ice cream, picking Buttercups and Daisies while waiting for a friend."
—Clara Weale


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